Supplying Brisbane Industry With the Most Professional Workers

When you partner with us, you'll notice that all of those tedious tasks that you used to dread doing are now expertly handled.

It's so frustrating to read over countless CVs to find a handful of professional and high quality workers for a business project, large or small.

Without a proven recruitment firm on your side, it's a nearly impossible job for one individual to handle all by themselves with no help.

It may only take seven or so minutes to review one CV, but if you have 300 to review this 'easy' task becomes a 30 hour marathon!

Think of all the smarter ways you can serve your company than by endlessly reading CV after CV, cover letter after cover letter.

This is where a recruitment firm comes in handy - we give you more free time to spend on your key performance tasks.


Now you have the time to build something beautiful.

Why We Are the Best in the Industry:

There are three reasons why we rise above all other recruitment agencies in Brisbane.

Advantage #1 - Easily Find Labour of the Highest Quality for Your Projects


We have a track record for delivering workers of the highest quality for commercial and government projects.

And when you work with a trusted partner in recruitment like us, you will have easy access to thousands of top workers.

With us on your team, you will have access to as many qualified workers as you need, so you can focus your energy on your key tasks.

If you're not 100% happy with a worker, we stake our reputation on the fact that we will instantly organise a new one for you that will be the perfect fit.


Advantage #2 - We Handle Workers' Insurance, Sick and Annual Leave


Because of our experience recruiting workers for commercial and government projects, we have found the secrets to keeping your costs down.

With our contract workers, we take care all of the annoying extra expenses. So you will have one simple figure to keep in mind.

If fact, the only extra cost you will still need to handle is Worker's Compensation (required by Australian legislation).

This is why recruitment managers want to partner with us - we make it all so simple to give you peace of mind.


The best contract workers for your industry.


Advantage #3 - With Excellent Workers Your Business Will Secure a Great Reputatio


With our excellent workers, your projects are destined to stand out from the crowd.

You will hear clients and competitors comment - ‘Look at that workmanship! How did they do it?'

Only you will know your company's reputation for excellence was a result of the unparalleled output of our contract workers.

This is exactly when and why you will start to reap the long-term benefits after hiring our workers for your projects, large and small.



Contract workers working on the Queensland transport system.


We're ready to help you with contracts workers of the highest quality for your upcoming project.

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We're ready to send you excellent workers for your upcoming project:

Recruitment Firms Are Very Popular With Australian Businesses

Because with a proven partner in recruitment, your business will thrive!

We provide to recruitment services for the following industries:

    Electrical recruitment
    Engineering recruitment
    Executive recruitment
    Hospitality recruitment
    Legal recruitment
    Marketing recruitment
    Medical recruitment
    Mining recruitment
    Retail recruitment
    Science recruitment
    Accounting recruitment
    Call centre and sales recruitment
    Construction recruitment
    Travel recruitment
    Environmental recruitment
    Media recruitment
    Automotive recruitment
    Event management recruitment
    Teacher and childcare recruitment

There’s a reason why recruitment firms continue to be extremely popular with companies all over Australia:

Google Trends map showing the growing interest in recruitment firms across Australia for the past five years


The difficulty is finding a firm that has a proven track record of supplying excellent labour to commercial and government projects.

With Brisbane Recruit, you can skip the queue and have direct access to the most highly coveted and professional workers in Australia.

Because if you want your firm to have the reputation for delivering work of the highest quality, you need top quality workers on your team.


Image of kitchen workers in Brisbane.


Simply click the orange button below to send us an email with your project details, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote:

We're ready to send you excellent workers for your upcoming project:

Save Time & Energy By Hiring Brisbane's Best Workers

After hiring our workers, you'll realise all the hard work has been expertly taken care of.

We have decades of experience in supplying labour professional and reliable workers for our client’s projects.

These past and present projects span across multiple industries, including complex commercial and government projects.

This is precisely why you should feel such confidence in our ability to supply your project with top workers of such high quality.


You may even hear yourself saying the same things that our client say after contracting our workers:


    Thank goodness I don't have to read any more resumes!
    Now that I've delegated my unimportant tasks I’m free to do what I'm best at!
    I'm so glad I don't have to deal with endless rehires because the work wasn’t good enough.


Brisbane Recruitment now supplies you with as many great workers as you require.


We have the most professional contract workers in Brisbane and beyond who are committed to professional excellence, including:

Executives, hospitality staff, welders, industrial electricians, trade assistants, boilermakers, drivers, general labourers, mechanical technicians, engineers, fitters, lawyers, teachers, childcare staff and more. Workers that will give your business a reputation for excellence.

And to be honest - we prefer to work with companies that require the highest quality work that creates positive recognition for both of us.

Because when our workers make you look good, that makes us look even better.


It's a win-win for both of us.


So click the orange button below to send us an email with your project details, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote:

We're ready to send you excellent workers for your upcoming project:

Our Guarantees


One thing that we really don't like about our industry is that many recruitment firms in Brisbane over-promise and under-deliver.

So we make the following guarantees:


    We will never make an offer that we cannot honour.
    We will never add a whole bunch of extra expenses through the backdoor.
    We will never claim that we can find you the perfect worker 100% of the time.


What we can guarantee is - if you are dissatisfied with a worker for any reason we will immediately send a replacement until you find the perfect fit.


Image of forest worker in Brisbane.

We Care About Our Clients AND Our Contract Workers

This is what truly makes our Brisbane-based recruitment agency unique


Because we care, we are easily able to match each worker with a role that is perfectly suited to their unique skill set.

Some companies don't care about how recruitment firms treats their contract workers after the job is done.

At Recruit Brisbane we treat everyone involved in our business with respect and professionalism.

We not only listen to what you want, we also listen to what your new workers want.

We take the time to ensure that each worker is perfectly suited for your role.

Because when they are happy, they do much better work for you.

We're ready to send you excellent workers for your upcoming project: